The Future

The Future

To further accelerate our sustainability work, we have identified 15 broad objectives that sit across our four pillars (Planet, People, Prosperity and Principles of Governance). These, taken together, will guide us towards improving our sustainability.

Each of these 15 objectives has associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are aligned both with key investor metrics and the KPIs used in the broader regulatory environment (such as the Global Reporting Initiative, International Sustainability Standards Board, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and B Corp). Our intention here has been to make our actions and reporting as transparent and standardised as possible, so that others can see our progress and compare it to similar organisations. 

Our first step, to be completed in 2023, will be to establish our baseline metrics which include:

Planet: Climate change, notably greenhouse gas emissions
People: Dignity and equality, notably diversity and inclusion and pay equality
Prosperity: Employment and wealth generation and the innovation of better products and services
Principles of Governance: Ethical behaviour and risk and opportunity oversight

These objectives aren’t an ‘add-on’ to Smart’s work. Teams across our business are involved in conversations about how sustainability fits into their existing strategies, and about how these objectives can be further integrated into their planning and day-to-day activities.