Our principles

We want to transform pensions, savings and financial wellbeing across all generations, around the world.

We do this by blending the financial expertise and tech innovation that our founders, Will and Andrew, brought together in 2014. We create tech-driven financial products, whilst remaining responsible, trustworthy and compliant.

There are seven guiding principles we live by at Smart. They make the organisation a great place to work. They also ensure we're all working in the same way, to produce the best results for our clients and our members.


We have a clean sheet of paper

This is a very big competitive advantage which we should use whenever possible. It’s important to always look at things with a fresh perspective, and not just do things a certain way because “that’s the way it’s always been done”. We have an opportunity to disrupt – so let’s be creative, innovative and do things differently.


We work with other amazing businesses and prosper together

We shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel if we don’t need to. There are lots of businesses which do things well and many useful products that can help us, whether they be APIs, services, workflow tools we can use, or partners we can do innovative things with. As long as the economics make sense, there’s no need to keep things to ourselves. We can often get a bigger slice of the cake by working with other excellent partners – so we all benefit and win.


We work in the medium to long-term

It’s not always about quick wins. We prefer to think in a long-term way and take time to do things properly. This is the best way to build real value into a business – for our clients, members, strategic partners, employees and shareholders. Where there is a choice between spending less for short-term value or spending more for long-term value, we nearly always prefer the long-term solution.


We execute great ideas and deliver constantly

Great ideas and creativity are very important ingredients of successful, innovative businesses. The right planning, strategy and direction of travel are essential, too. But all these things are useless without outstanding execution and delivery. Smart is a business that aims to constantly deliver top quality. It's how we have had our success to date, and how we will continue to succeed.


We are compliant and we do things properly

We are a regulated business and the consequences of not being compliant are serious. In the most extreme cases, it could mean the end of the business. We approach and deliver everything we do at Smart to meet the highest levels of regulatory oversight. This is a red line in the organisation – we take it extremely seriously.


We favour technological solutions

If we are using a manual solution that takes repeated human effort to complete a task, we should reanalyse the task and use technology to automate or simplify it as much as possible. Most business processes that take time and effort can be done quickly with software – without risk of human error. This frees up our time to work on more interesting challenges and opportunities that add value across the organisation.


We want happy and good people in our team

Our people make Smart great. To keep us great, we need to make Smart a place that talented and ambitious people want to work. We're a fair, flexible employer and we always take suggestions for how we can improve  – in return, we expect our staff to work hard and deliver to a high standard and in a reasonable time frame.

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