About us

Our mission is to transform retirement, savings and financial wellbeing, across all generations, around the world

We are a global technology business focusing on retirement

Our investors

Our investors include:

With these strategic partnerships in place, we’re continuing to develop our products and services and expand our offering into new territories around the world. Smart will soon be active on four continents.

Where we’ve come from

Smart was founded in 2014 by Andrew Evans and Will Wynne. They brought together their financial and technological expertise, with the original aim of making pension auto enrolment simple.

Since then, Smart has expanded to become global in both its ambitions and its operations. We still help employers, scheme members and intermediaries, but are now working with an increasing number of the world’s largest financial institutions and at government level.

We’re growing fast

Our team now has hundreds of talented people. They take care of everything from design to fund administration. When it comes to investment management, we work with our trusted partners – some of the biggest fund managers in the world.

We believe in the power of technology to bring positive change

Smart is one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the UK. We’re really proud of being able to make a genuine difference. From day one, we’ve always believed in the potential of starting with a blank sheet of paper and not having to build things to fit ‘legacy’ technology.

We’re innovative

We’re a global financial technology company. We find that approaching new projects with a fresh perspective allows us to be the most creative whilst always striving for innovation. Our team tests the latest features with real users and we use what we learn to continually improve our platforms and make our customers’ lives simpler.

We’re global

No matter where in the world you’re based, through Keystone we can customise our platform to meet your needs. It’s scalable and modular, and can work across different languages and territories.

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