Technology-led pensions

We've brought together technological and financial expertise to create an innovative digital retirement platform, Keystone. Our accumulation service helps people save and plan for their future. And thanks to our technology-led approach, we're now helping nearly a million savers to plan for their retirement.

A better experience

Our accumulation service is one of the fastest, easiest to use retirement platforms in the world.

We use cutting-edge technology to give you a fast, easy-to-use, modern service.

We make assessing your staff, generating letters, delegating tasks and adding your professional adviser quick and easy tasks.

We've developed simple upload processes and one-click integration with many payroll providers, so you don't have to put data in manually.

We're constantly improving our processes and user experience – so we can provide regular automated reports, real-time data and key management information our hundreds of thousands of users need.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service – you and your members can reach us by phone, email, or instant chat.

Making retirement easy

Member engagement

Our expert user experience team is constantly innovating, to help your members engage with their finances, grow their financial understanding and aid their financial wellbeing.

Giving a helping hand

We're with your members for their whole pension journey – from making their first contributions, to withdrawing their savings at retirement.

Keeping it simple

The retirement industry is notoriously confusing and full of jargon. We go the extra mile to make sure your members know what happens to their contributions and how they can take an income in retirement.

Smart speaker integration

Our platform integrates with Alexa and Google Home. Members can use their device to stay engaged with their pension, with basic commands such as asking how much their pension is worth, or to increase their contributions.

Travel and Holidays
Food and Drink
Health and Fitness

Each member of our UK Smart Pension scheme has free, unlimited access to discounts at almost every major retailer in the UK – saving up to £600 a year.

Smart Rewards

We offer employee benefits to scheme members, to help them save. These benefits increase employee loyalty, and can partially offset pension contributions for the lowest paid – encouraging those who need it most to save for retirement.

Saving for retirement is important – but so is making the most of your money today. By providing cashback and discounts via Smart Rewards, we're helping our members do both.

SAVA, Smart Avatar Virtual Assistant

A super-realistic, fully interactive  digital human with its own virtual nervous system, capable of responding to human questions in real time via an ordinary computer or mobile. 

SAVA is capable of functioning in 22 languages and is fully accessible, with users able to speak or type any questions, and either hear or read responses. The technology is designed to make information about pensions and retirement available to everyone, even to savers who have difficulty reading or writing.

How to get Smart Pension