Set up a new pension scheme

An automatic enrolment solution for new UK companies that need a pension scheme

Fulfil your auto enrolment obligations online with Smart Pension

Automatic enrolment made simple

Quick and easy to set up

Establishing a scheme, adding or editing scheme members and updating contributions are all simple and seamless tasks with Smart Pension's quick and easy software.

Market-leading technology

Our in-house platform was purpose-built for automatic enrolment, and our design and development teams are constantly improving it – so it remains fast and easy for you and your employees to use.

A master trust you can trust

The Smart Pension Master Trust is authorised and regulated by The Pensions Regulator, and is a high-quality, well-managed option for your employees' pension savings.

Set up a new pension today

For new UK companies that need a pension scheme. Set up your auto enrolment scheme with Smart Pension and fulfil your legal obligations online. Find out more.