Platform as a Service and

For governments, large organisations or financial institutions

We offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) and white-labelling for governments (national or regional), banks, pension providers, asset managers, trade associations and affinity groups. These are enterprise solutions, which can be completely customised for your business.

Why choose PaaS or white-labelling for your retirement solution

Expand and diversify your product or service offering

Increase your revenue streams by expanding the scope of your products/services. Cross-promote new launches to attract new customers and increase customer loyalty to retain valuable existing ones.

Scale and grow your business much faster

Our platform provides infinite scalability so you can launch new products/services with minimal investment and without size, speed, capacity or geographic limitations. Partner with Smart to grow for the future.

Build brand credibility and enhance brand reputation

An expanded product/service offering can provide a more comprehensive perception to your customers and provide a more rounded and complete product suite for them to access – a one-stop shop!

What you get with Smart's global PaaS offering

Innovative, award-winning technology –with an infrastructure designed to support the retirement plans of the future, our highly scalable platform is constantly adjusted to meet the needs of growing businesses and the continuously-evolving regulatory environment.

Profit delivery and results orientated – our purpose-built retirement technology, which leverages our global experience, is designed to drive profitability and deliver results for employers and businesses of any size, large or small.

Optimised technology with local customisation – whilst our technology is developed with our customers at the core in order to provide the most exceptional experience, our cloud-native platform can be easily adapted to comply with local regulatory needs and to fit individual business requirements.

What you get with Smart's UK white-label offering

Access to our UK Smart Pension Master Trust –partner with Smart to provide innovative retirement solutions for the digital age.  Our platforms, including the award-winning Smart Pension Master Trust and the revolutionary Smart Retire, are great choices for employers and their employees.

Access to superior customer services – providing unrivalled, world-class support, our customer service team is accessible by phone, email and live web chat, and is available to customers and their members.

Enhanced customer engagement  with user-centred design – thoroughly tested before each launch, our automated, simple to use platforms deliver a seamless experience that encourages valuable interaction with customers and their members, which in turn boosts member confidence and drives engagement.

Why choose Smart as your PaaS or white-label partner

Lower costs and operational efficiencies

Our platform optimises operations by allowing key processes to be automated. Avoid the huge costs associated with frequent upgrades, migrations to newer models and the maintenance of legacy systems. Eliminate the time needed to develop, rigorously test and implement a platform from scratch.

Speed to market and faster product launches

Our proven platform facilitates rapid software launches and agile product builds that can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your changing needs. This allows you to enter new markets more quickly, with fewer barriers to entry. You can launch faster, and spend less time on maintaining the technology.

Reduced risk with future-proof platform

Backed by financial giants including Barclays, Legal & General and J.P. Morgan, our platform harnesses our expertise along with the best features from across the world. Collaborate with Smart to launch successful products that resonate with customers, mitigating the risks associated with R&D.

Choose how you partner with Smart.
Decide on your level of platform customisation.


Level 1: Off-the-shelf platform

Collaborate with Smart by referring your customers and clients to our easy to use, self-service retirement platforms and as your provider of choice. It's quick to set up and simple to manage, giving members a flexible way to manage their finances.


Level 2: White-label

Have your own branding added to Smart's retirement platforms and rest assured that all other key aspects of the platform such as investment, governance, UX/UI and administration are being taken care of.


Level 3 :White-label+

Have your own branding added to Smart's retirement platforms along with your own customised range of investments, with peace of mind that governance, UX/UI and administration are being expertly managed.


Level 4: Platform as a Service

With Smart's PaaS option, you have the ability to fully customise the platform to fit your commercial and regulatory requirements from branding and investments to governance, UX/UI and administration.

This above is for illustrative purposes only. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how you can partner with Smart to create your own pension platform or retirement solution for your customers.

Ways you can use this service

Smart Pension

Available now

An innovative workplace pension product to help your employees save for the future. One of the fastest, easiest to use pension products on the market.

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Smart Retire - Screenshot of App

Smart Retire

Available now

An at-retirement product that gives members a flexible way to access their pension savings. They can easily manage their money and plan for retirement.

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