Platform as a Service and

For governments, large organisations or financial institutions

We offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) and white-labelling for governments (national or regional), large organisations or financial institutions from banks, pension providers and asset managers to trade associations and affinity groups. These are enterprise solutions, which can be completely customised for your business.

What you'll get with Platform as a Service

Our award-winning platform – adapted to your business model, regulatory requirements and any other bespoke needs.

Visual customisation features, allowing you to add your existing branding to the platform.

The option to use our operational and customer services, to make sure you and your employees get the right support.

Why choose Platform as a Service

An experience you can trust

We provide the best solutions and a fantastic user experience for you and your members. Our in-house team designs all our products and services, and tests them with real people in our user research lab.

Better member engagement

Easy-to-use products and clear communications save your members time and take the complexity out of managing their finances. This helps boost their engagement.

Adapt your offering quickly

Our modern platform makes it quick and simple for us to build agile products, and allows us to adapt them to your needs. You can launch faster, and spend less time on maintaining the technology.

What you'll get with UK white-labelling

Full access to our UK Smart Pension Master Trust and world-class support
Our innovative platforms, including the award-winning Smart Pension Master Trust, are great choices for employers and their employees, with unrivalled, world-class support through clear communications and simple, guided user journeys.

The best user experience with enhanced customer engagement – Our automated, simple to use platforms can save you valuable time, remove layers of complexity and boost user understanding and engagement. Thoroughly tested before each launch, the platforms deliver a seamless experience that encourages valuable interaction with customers and their members.

A highly adaptable platform for the 21st Century – Our modern, purpose-built platform allows us to build agile, easy-to-use products that can be quickly and easily adapted to meet the unique needs of your business, the evolving regulatory landscape, technological advances and the ever-changing world that we live in.

Why choose white labelling

Quick to implement and easy to manage

From our streamlined set-up and smooth, rapid on-boarding on day one to the continued communications and support for your customers, white-labelling our master trust platform will allow you to easily adapt and respond to the needs of your business, regulations and the ever-changing nature of customer expectations.

A secure, bespoke solution with your own branding 

Whether it's visual branding, customised features or tailored investments, our white label solution will be bespoke to your business model and one that complies with the evolving regulatory requirements. Quicker strategic decision-making and more effective de-risking can be facilitated by accurate data that’s easily accessed yet also securely stored.

Lower costs and operational efficiencies

Avoid the huge costs often associated with frequent upgrades, migrations to newer models and the maintenance of legacy systems. White-labelling our master trust will allow for key processes to be automated, meaning improved communications with clients and partners, and  better integration with software and payroll.

Ways you can use this service

Smart Pension

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An innovative workplace pension product to help your employees save for the future. One of the fastest, easiest to use pension products on the market.

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Smart Retire - Screenshot of App

Smart Retire

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An at-retirement product that gives members a flexible way to access their pension savings. They can easily manage their money and plan for retirement.

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