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Our migration service

Migrating retirement savings plans from legacy technology platforms can be complex and time-consuming. Keystone by Smart is here to help you migrate to a digital first solution.

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What is our Migration service

Keystone’s Migration service allows clients of varying sizes to move plans onto the Keystone platform securely, reliably and quickly. Through Keystone, migrations that in the past may have been cost or time prohibitive can be handled with certainty.

Why choose our Migration service

Safe and secure

Data is managed in a dedicated environment with production level controls at every step.

Fast transfers

Keystone’s cloud architecture allows solutions to be deployed quickly anywhere and scale to meet any data volume.

What you get with the Migration service

A global solution

Our cloud-first technology platform means data can be located in any jurisdiction needed to meet data sovereignty requirements. This allows any business or institution to meet the demands of a continuously evolving regulatory environment.

Cloud-based platform

By using our cloud-based global technology platform, Keystone by Smart, we can migrate plans of any size with absolute simplicity. Being cloud based allows us to scale instantly to meet changing demands of our clients.

Experienced team

Our dedicated team has more than 25 years’ combined retirement savings plan migration experience and has moved more than 3 billion rows of data across some of the world’s largest companies. Your data can be converted and analysed with confidence.

Reporting and reconciliation

We deliver clear and concise reporting, providing relevant insights to meet your ever-changing needs.

Strong governance

Our approach to client implementation is based on data integrity. The efficiency of our migration service allows for reduced maintenance of legacy processes and infrastructure.


Keystone’s inbuilt Smart move tool allows for easy and consistent loading of data into the platform time after time.


Keystone data tools allow for fast validation of key data quality items upon receipt.


Over £1bn in assets migrated, with more than 100,000 members migrated onto the platform in a single year.

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For governments, large organisations or financial institutions looking to leverage the power of a global retirement platform, whatever the requirements. Start the data migration journey today.

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