Moving your clients’ scheme to the Smart Pension Master Trust

As a professional adviser, you’ll have noticed quite a change in the UK pensions landscape. In the search for efficiency, many employers are facing important questions about the future of the workplace pension scheme they offer their employees. In a changing regulatory environment, they’re unsure whether their current arrangements offer value – not only for their businesses but also for the people who work for them. 

It’s a question of best solutions, best returns and best interests – and for increasing numbers of UK employers, the best answer comes in making the change to a master trust pension.

The master trust mindset

When it comes to pensions, the balancing act faced by many UK-based businesses includes making sure that their scheme is compliant, convenient and cost-effective, without cutting corners in protecting their own and their employees’ interests.

In a nutshell, employers are moving to master trust arrangements to ensure:

Better governance

Careful and independent decision-making, improved security and reduced risk

Better value for money

From economies of scale and reductions in the time, money and resources spent on scheme administration and management

Better member outcomes

Helping members to get the very best out of their pension, both before and after retirement

A helping hand with the heavy lifting

At Smart Pension, we’ve worked with countless professional advisers to share the load in providing the best pension arrangements for their clients. It’s one of the reasons why Smart Pension has rapidly become one of the largest providers of workplace pensions in the UK, with backing from global financial giants including Legal & General and J.P. Morgan. 

The Smart Pension Master Trust is authorised by The Pensions Regulator, so it meets demanding quality standards and offers high levels of protection and security.

Our dedicated transition team knows that getting it right is all about skills, market knowledge, experience and service – and that we’re here to work with you, and to help your clients and their employees, on a long-term basis.

Moving to the Smart Pension Master Trust is simple

Dedicated team

Our experts are on-hand to provide any support you may need. They will be with you from start to finish, understanding your clients’ schemes and payroll structures, and providing guidance in planning prior to delivery.

Project planning

From the very first appointment, we’ll work to help you define responsibilities, milestones, dependencies and risks. Our dedicated account manager will guide this process.

Technology-led solutions

Technology is at the core of our offering. Our open Application Programming Interface (API) removes inefficient manual processes. It allows us to seamlessly link to more payroll providers than any other provider in the UK.

User-focused platform

A great user experience is integral at Smart Pension. We work with our customers and members to make sure we're providing them with the best solutions. Our in-house team designs all our products and services and tests them with real people in our research lab.

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