What we do in the US

Smart’s platform transforms retirement savings and financial wellbeing for employers and their employees.

Our platform was purpose-built in 2014 for defined contribution plans. Today, we’re one of the largest retirement plan providers in the UK and have over 70,000 employer plans globally.

Why Smart?

We were made for the defined contribution industry.

Since the very start, Smart was built to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, creating turnkey retirement solutions. We were born for this business and, as a result, we’re among the fastest growing retirement technology platforms in the world.

We started with a clean sheet of paper

Our proprietary recordkeeping platform was built for defined contribution plans. No legacy means simpler, quicker and more flexible development.

We own our technology platform

This gives us full control of our development pipeline and the flexibility to grow and adapt to changing legislation and customer needs.

We operate a single platform

As we grow, we develop our platform in a modular, configurable way. This allows all our clients to benefit from the improvements we make.

We are built to integrate

Our API allows the Smart ecosystem to connect directly to external systems and business applications to deliver best-in-class solutions.

We are quick to adapt

Our modern architecture makes it quick and easy to build great products that adapt to our partners’ needs. This reduces their time to launch and minimizes their maintenance burdens.

The Smart platform

Combining technological innovation and financial expertise.

Flexible and adaptable

We’re 100% cloud-based and infinitely scalable. We operate with continuous deployment to bring updates and features to market fast.

Efficient operations

We automate most tasks, including those normally done by an operations team, saving you valuable time to focus on your day-to-day business.

Harnessing data

All data is provided in real time with rich, in-depth reporting. This provides enhanced insight and aids fiduciary oversight.

Superior user experience

We use data and research to create products, not assumptions. We learn, iterate and adapt our platform for multiple devices.

Bringing innovation to retirement

The retirement industry is notoriously slow to adapt, but we put innovation at the heart of everything we do to ensure plan participants are engaged and ready for retirement.
Take a look at our upcoming innovations.

Animated statement

Updated daily, our live, interactive retirement savings statement will help plan members stay informed about their retirement savings.

Virtual assistant

Plan participants will be able to ask our 3D, lifelike assistant for help with their plan. We use the Smart API to create personalized conversations with each user.

How we work with partners

We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution

Plan designs

  • Pre-designed workplace retirement plans for a quicker route to market
  • Connect with your clients’ portals, 3(16), pooled employer plans (PEPs) and more


  • Pick and choose from a range of features, plan pricing and partners
  • Reduce regulatory risk for your clients

Modern technology

  • Cloud-based workplace DC plan platform
  • Modularized or bespoke solutions
  • Connect with API services

Key benefits

Whether you’re an employer looking for an affordable solution for your workplace, or an advisor looking to offer a 401(k) plan to a client, our platform is ready to help.

For advisors

  • Easy to set up. Easy to service.
  • Simple to sell with our guided proposal process.
  • Retirement plans designed for start-ups and small businesses.
  • Real-time data insights at a home office, plan and participant level to identify opportunities.
  • Personalization to ensure your brand is visible to your clients.

For employers

  • Simple and affordable retirement solution.
  • Automated tasks to reduce your administrative burden, enabling you to focus on your day-to-day business.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with prompts that improve efficiency.
  • Participants are better informed about their retirement savings.

For participants

  • A first class digital experience with the ability to interact with your retirement account across a range of mobile devices.
  • Access to real-time account information to make smart financial decisions.
  • Innovative tools to help you manage your investments.