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At Smart, we're always looking for new ways to help people manage their finances. Here's a look at how we are innovating in the pensions industry.

Strategic investment

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Link Group. John McMurtrie, CEO of Link Group, will join the Smart board and we look forward to working together on developing innovative products in the Australian pensions market going forward, as well as being a fundamental part of Link Group's UK market entry strategy. As part of this exciting partnership, Link Group is making a very material minority investment into Smart.

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About Smart

Who we are

Smart's mission is to transform pensions, savings and financial well-being, across all generations, around the world.

We are one of the largest workplace pension providers in the UK, operating a master trust scheme (similar to a Superannuation Fund) for hundreds of thousands of members, despite only being a few years old.

Our investors include J.P. Morgan and Legal & General – two of the world’s largest financial services companies.

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What we do

Pensions can be complex and our industry is slow to innovate. We take a different approach – by putting our customers first and helping them have better understanding and control of their finances.

We provide a variety of services to suit all their needs – from a trusted self-service solution to bespoke platforms.

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Smart Retire

Smart Retire is being designed with the member in mind, every step of the way.

Smart Retire - Screenshot of App

Bridging the advice gap

With a guided journey to and through retirement, members won’t need to pay for advice to meet their retirement income goals.

We’ve extensively tested and refined our guided journey, working with thousands of real retirement savers, to ensure that Smart Retire will be easy to understand and navigate, for every level of financial literacy.

Engage, educate, empower

Smart Retire will allow trustees to provide an informative retirement journey for large and diverse memberships. Our flexible approach will help engage members, empowering them to make decisions about their financial future.

How Smart Retire works

Four times as good

Our four-pot model will give members a simple way to split their needs between income now and saving for the future, letting them fully enjoy their retirement.

Account-based pension

Retirement has changed

Smart Retire will give members the flexibility they need for a comfortable retirement.

Members will be able to drawdown their pension and move money between pots easily.

As the income will be invested, members will be able to monitor performance vs  expectations. This will provide clarity around how much they can afford to take as income, and how their Age Pension will be affected.

Later life income

Tailored to member

Smart Retire is being designed to provide flexibility in the early years of retirement and security in the later years.

Members will use the later life pot to buy a Traditional Lifetime Annuity or a more innovative income stream if they’d prefer to.

Investing capital at retirement ensures income can continue for life. To give members a solution that works for them, we will work with you to produce a long-lasting solution for your members.


Lightening the load

With long-term income needs taken care of, we want to make sure that members have all eventualities planned for.

The legacy pot will give members the opportunity to save money for things such as funeral or medical expenses, giving them peace of mind that they can see their money continue to grow, until they need it.

Sunny day

Sailing off into the sunset

Retirement should be a time where members have the freedom and finances to do the things that they weren’t able to do while working.

With money set aside for a cruise, new kitchen or large unexpected expenses, members will be able to look forward to a sunny future.

Meet Sava

Smart's interactive digital human

Sava will be live on our Smart Pension platform answering questions from our UK customers in early 2020. Think Amazon Alexa or Google Home, but with a human face and real time data, graphical illustrations and all forms of rich media. The only limit is our imagination.

Neural Text-To-Speech (NTTS) technology produces the most natural, human-like voices possible. Currently only available in British and American English, Portuguese and Spanish, the links below demonstrate the difference between standard concatenative synthesis used in Australian English and the latest NTTS voice synthesis in English spoken with an American accent. NTTS Australian English accents are expected to arrive in 2020.


Animated statement

Updated daily, our live, interactive pension statement will help members stay informed about their pension savings. Live in the UK in early 2020.

Scenario modeller

Knowledge is power. Our scenario modelling tool will show scheme members the bigger picture when it comes to their finances – so they can make informed financial plans for their retirement. It's not about pensions, it's about life!

Get in touch

Please contact our expert team to see how we can work together. We look forward to it.

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Andrew Evans

Group Chief Executive, co-founder and board member

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Will Wynne

Group Managing Director, co-founder and board member

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